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Setting goals and winning

"Rafael helped us make decisions we are comfortable with and in the end, we were able to achieve our dreams. Talk about setting goals and winning!"

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Handled all the work of selling our home

"We are very happy with the service provided to us Rafael handled all the dirty work of selling our home, all we had to do is make the decisions. We are very happy with the service provided to us while selling our home."

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His insights and attentiveness

"Rafael was an amazing Realtor® to work with on the purchase of my investment property in ShadowGlen, Manor. I appreciated his insights into the real estate market and his attentiveness to me as a client. I give Rafael 5 stars as the best Realtor® in Austin!"

Work With Us

Like twine creatively connecting the pieces of vintage furniture, Our team brings together determination, kindness, competency, and the vision of future potentials when working with our clients. If you seek connected advocates, look no further.

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